Modular products for many sectors

Design product and custom

Systems for wheelchairs and medical bed movements, industrial machines, baby strollers, the building trade and furniture industry all have in common the use of control levers and/or cables. Our experience in the manufacture of bicycle levers has generated a wide range of products for all these sectors.  Our ability to provide the functionalities required and the design and adaptability of our products allow us to propose a wide range of customised applications. “Made to measure” has become standard for Saccon.


Our range of manual control levers is designed to meet the needs of a host of applications for brakes, gas springs and locking or regulating devices and can be customised regarding uptake, fixing system, ergonomics and color.  They could also be provided with a vast choice of options.  Control transfer by cable takes place by means of splitters that provide great flexibility and adaptable product configuration. 

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The proprietary technology of our control levers extends to handles outside the classical concept of a lever to serve handles for the furniture trade or devices in general.  Co-design is employed to develop customised handles. 

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Push Buttons

From levers to push buttons is the natural evolution of control systems for gas springs or small devices for moving things.  Used for train and plane seats and vertical applications in technical areas. 

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A lever controlling just a single device can be overcome with splitters that are simple, reversible and bespoke.  These devices provide designers with a new element of flexibility.  Customers appreciate the backing of Saccon Research & Development to speed up lead times from product concept to manufacture. 

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The experience acquired in the bicycle and automotive industries is applied to designing materials and components for the production of brake cables, gas springs and rapid release systems for electric actuators.  Tell us what you need and we will assist you in defining a product that will meet your requirements. 

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