Mechanic DEAD MAN Lever


Classic safety lever.
Configurable on:
- stroke (starting angle): 15mm(60°), 20mm(75°),...

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Classic safety lever.
Configurable on:
- stroke (starting angle): 15mm(60°), 20mm(75°), 25mm(90°), 30mm(90°)
- lever lenght: 145mm (standard) or 210mm (available on 15, 20 and 25mm stroke)
- fixing diameter: ø22, ø25, ø27, ø28
- color of lever: black, red, yellow, ...
- cable connector: special plastic automatic fixing for ø6, ø7mm casing, M6-SW10mm adjuster
- [optional] direct symbol function printed

Available for normal or professional cable ( "F" option configuration )

Could be used as bottom handlebar lever using the option "C" where the accessory CLAS002B is included.
The lever LASC could be a part of a composed set of handles to obtain a compact customized command consolle: see tables of special configuration options.
If the composition is with another LAS lever the option include the side cover CLAS001.

  • LASC57R01 - red 25mm stroke with hook integration, ø27mm, M6x21mm adjuster included
  • LASC15R00T - red 15mm stroke, ø25mm without fitting
  • LASC02Y06T - yellow 20mm stroke, ø22mm, plastic cable fitting for ø7 casing included
  • LASC05R00TF - yellow 20mm stroke, ø25mm, without fitting, configured for Professional LAS cable heads
  • LASC15R00T.FM - red 15mm stroke, ø25mm without fitting, "FM - engine brake" symbol printed
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