Who We Are

Passion Innovation Quality

The Saccon Group leads in designing and producing brake systems, control levers, brake levers and flexible movement transmission components. 

A concentration of ideas and engineering solutions that has branched out from the cycling world to serve other industries.

Saccon products are applied to several different areas: flexible controls, components for agricultural machinery, medical applications and brake system components for light vehicles and baby strollers.

Saccon provides customised products resulting from know-how accumulated over the years, including plastics, aluminium alloys, sheaths and wire windings for bespoke flexible systems.

A 40-year story 
Saccon was founded in 1981 to accomplish Floriano Saccon’s idea and passion.
Since the production of the first innovative sheet metal bicycle lever, rapidly assembled to the handlebars without the need for welding, an instinct for innovation and the will to seek new challenges has made the Saccon brand renowned worldwide. The Saccon group employs over 200 people, operating in four factories in Italy and China, all working together to achieve the same aim: customer satisfaction. 

Italy hosts the design, production, assembly, plastics moulding and R&D departments for levers and flexible controls; Wuxi Chiver Saccon Cable Ltd. in China deals with the production of cables and movement transmission flexible components for bicycles, agricultural machinery and other industries.  

Saccon Group


To design and produce hi tech products that incorporate innovation and design with a guarantee of long life, and provide customers with quality service: this is what counts for Saccon.

A spirit of innovation is part of our company’s DNA and distinguishes our brand, company and the people who work with us.  This philosophy leads us to always look beyond in order to offer our customers ever more evolved products that incorporate high performance and quality.  Our designers’ innovative ideas and our reliable, strict technical performance tests mean that our production is unflaggingly aimed at end results of the utmost quality.