How we work

Knowledge and Technology for custom solutions

Quality products are achieved through in-depth study, which requires a solid technical base and excellent ability to assess customers’ needs.  To produce top-quality brake systems and bicycle levers in terms of performance, durability and functionality, Saccon invests constantly in research and development and testing facilities.

The R&D Department is the heart of the company, the real centre of innovation, where ideas are transformed into drawings, projects and products worthy of the Saccon brand.

Important functional areas have been set up in the department, such as the engineering office, which deals with C.A.D. and product engineering, and the test shop housing the technical test benches for checking new products and for certification that guarantees observance of the applicable standards.

Co-design underpins our corporate philosophy: Saccon aids its customers in developing new customised products to meet their needs, providing technical staff at the design and industrialization stages and sharing know-how acquired through 30 years of experience.

Our technical backing, quality and service have always been the focal points of Saccon’s cooperation with its customers.